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Emotional campaign to increase knowledge about pharmacy services in England

The largest pan-Europe survey on medicines supply shortages reports that almost 92 % of hospital pharmacists faced a long term medicines shortages in 2018.

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Pharmaceutical care in Europe face to face the pandemic

This was the first discussion of its kind in Europe about pharmaceutical care in pandemic times. We discussed about impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on pharmacies, possibilities of vaccination in pharmacies and innovations.

Annual report 2019

The EFPC has published the Annual Report 2019. On this document you will find all relevant information about EFPC´s members, year activities, regular sessions and plans for 2020. During 2019, when the mission has begun, the EFPC clearly demonstrated its purpose as an alliance of pharmacy chains and confirmed its significant position in Europe.

Conference: Healthcare 2020

Daniel Horak, Head of Executive Board European Federation of Pharmacy Chains, attended one of the largest healthcare conferences in the Czech Republic.