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Representatives of pharmacy chains called on the EU chief representative to involve European pharmacies in the EU4Health initiative

- October 19th 2022 - 

The European Federation of Pharmacy Chains organized its third international conference, this time in Warsaw. The conference was held under the title "Pharmacy Care - What are the Barriers to Pharmacy Development?". The highlight of the conference was a joint declaration by representatives of pharmacy chains to the main representatives of the European Union with an appeal for pharmacists to be fully counted among health professionals within the framework of the accepted European initiative EU4Health. 

Joint statement on the need of inclusion of pharmacy sector into EU4Health Initiative

- October 19th 2022 - 

Representatives of European pharmaceutical chains associated in the EFPC call on European institutions to include the European pharmaceutical sector in the EU4Health initiative.

Annual Report 2021

- July 28th 2022 - 
The EFPC has published the Annual Report 2021. The present Annual Report summarises activities carried out by the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) in the past year.

Press Release - EFPC organized unique gathering of pharmacists from European pharmacy chains in Prague 

- June 23rd 2022 - 
The beginning of June saw the official kick-off of the latest project by the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) for pharmacists from the various member states and various pharmacy chains, who are organized within their respective national associations. This project, which has been named the "European Academy of Chain Pharmacists", has become a unique platform for meetings among pharmacists who take an interest in topics related to the European market and wish to familiarize themselves with the different conditions under which the pharmacy sector operates in various jurisdictions across Europe. In its first year, the Academy convened in Prague in the Czech Republic; it was attended by 35 pharmacists representing 10 chains and 6 European countries.

Statement - The EFPC´s request for permission to employ Ukrainian health professionals in adequate professional positions in the fastest possible way

- April 12th 2022 - 
The EFPC members are aware of the current situation of Ukranian healthcare professionals refugees and request to ensure that the process of their integration into the local workforce is as effective as possible and announce that they are ready to adapt and update their training programs to allow for Ukrainian healthcare professionals to participate.

Press Release - The EFPC grows after the Serbian pharmacy association joins the ranks of its members

- July 26th 2021 - 
Serbia's Association of Private Pharmacy Chains Belgrade became the sixth member country of the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) in June 2021. Serbia has joined the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Poland, which became a regular member last year. The EFPC now represents more than 6,196 pharmacies and 34,500 pharmacy specialists in Central and Eastern Europe

Annual Report 2020

- June 10th 2021 - 
The EFPC has published the Annual Report 2020. The present Annual Report summarises activities carried out by the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) in the past year.

Press Release - Innovations in pharmacy help in first year of COVID-19 pandemic

- March 10th 2021 - 
The PHARMACY CARE – BEYOND THE PANDEMIC conference organised by the EFPC, unlike its last conference in 2019, took place virtually, via video links and two studios as a result of coronavirus crisis restrictions. A broadcast centre was set up in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. Prague was chosen as the second centre. In total, 360 participants registered for the conference.

Press Release - Poland becomes the fifth member country of the EFPC

- October 4th 2020 - 
The Polish Association of Pharmaceutical Employers PharmaNET joined the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) as its fifth member country in October 2020. Apart from Poland, the EFPC's members include pharmacy chain associations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Overall, the EFPC represents more than 5,500 pharmacies and 31,700 specialists from Central and Eastern Europe.

Press Release - European pharmacy chains on the front line in fighting COVID-19

- July 21st 2020 - 
As many as 97.5% of pharmacy outlets of European operators of pharmacy chains stayed open during the COVD-19 pandemic and continued to provide primary healthcare to patients. The data have been published by the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains based on a questionnaire survey. The survey included 10 organizations from seven European countries.

Annual Report 2019

- May 28th 2020 - 
The EFPC has published the Annual Report 2019. On this document you will find all relevant information about EFPC´s members, year activities, regular sessions and plans for 2020. During 2019, when the mission has begun, the EFPC clearly demonstrated its purpose as an alliance of pharmacy chains and confirmed its significant position in Europe.

Statement - The EFPC statement of development of the online pharmacy service

- January 10th 2020 - 
The EFPC doesn’t have ambitions to initiate or actively encourage the mail-order dispensing of prescription medicines nor its´ extension in Europe. However, we aware that there is a high probability that the need will arise within a short time because of patients’ changing shopping behavior in other fields. By that time, an implementation of the process should be led by legislators to meet patients’ needs under the proposed principles.

Press Release - Liberalization: A way to improve patient comfort

- October 17th 2019 - 
The European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) has organized an international conference titled "Pharmacy Care – Towards Beyond". Held in the Czech capital Prague, the event featured presentations delivered by experts from the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden. The main topics debated included pharmacy ownership, healthcare availability and quality, and the shortage and education of pharmaceutical professionals. A separate block was reserved to pharmaceutical innovations.

Press Release - Romania joins the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains as its fourth member

- October 1st 2019 - 
 The Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (ADRFR) joined the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC) as a new member in July 2019. A resolution to that effect was adopted by the EFPC's members during their assembly held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The EFPC now comprises pharmacy chain associations from four European countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and the new arrival Romania. Overall, the EFPC represents more than 2,500 pharmacies and 13,700 specialists in Central and Eastern Europe.

Press Release - Pharmacy Chains Joining Forces

- January 10th 2019 - 
The national associations of pharmacy chain operators in three Central European countries have joined forces in founding the European Federation of Pharmacy Chains (EFPC). The establishment of the international association, which will be headed by Zdeněk Blahuta, the former director of the Czech regulator (State Institute for Drug Control), was announced in Prague.

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